We call on states to actively participate in upcoming negotiations of the international treaty to ensure protection of human rights from the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises


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What is the Treaty Alliance?

We are an alliance of dedicated networks and campaign groups from around the world united in the fight for a #BindingTreaty to address human rights abuses committed by transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

Some of the founding Treaty Alliance groups include: CETIM, CIDSEDismantle Corporate Power CampaignESCR-NetFIANFIDHFranciscans InternationalFriends of the Earth InternationalIBFAN-GIFA, Indonesia Global JusticeInternational Commission of Jurists, Legal Resources Center, PAN APTransnational Institute, TUCA.


Who is in the Treaty Alliance?

Currently there are more than 1,500 individuals and 1,100 organizations that have joined together to form the Treaty Alliance.


Why we need a legally binding treaty to regulate transnational corporations (and other business enterprises) when it comes to our human rights