Congratulations On Our First Step !  

The Treaty Alliance Congratulates All Who Supported Human Rights Council Resolution 26/9, Which Established a New UN Working Group to Develop a Treaty to Prevent & Address Corporate Human Rights Violations

NEWS: Join the Treaty Alliance at the World Social Forum in Tunis!

What is the Treaty Alliance?

A group of committed networks and campaign groups around the world are joining to collectively help organise advocacy activities in support of developing binding international regulation to address corporate human rights abuses.  The groups involved include:

CETIMDismantle Corporate Power CampaignESCR-NetFIANFIDHFranciscans InternationalFriends of the Earth International



Since the 1970s countries and civil society groups have been calling for stronger accountability for  corporations. The calls are growing again for the United Nations to take action that would hold corporations accountability for their human rights abuses. Now is the time to join the chorus of global civil society calling for new strong international law and send the right message that powerful corporations must not violate human rights. 

At the 2013 ESCR-Net Peoples Forum on Human Rights & Business, in Thailand in November 2013, participants formulated a Joint Statement that was signed by over 140 groups in less than one month.  The statement calls for States to develop a treaty to address corporate human rights violations. See the list of more than 600 organisations who've already joined the global call for binding international regulation to address corporate human rights abuse

Many of the groups that signed the Joint Statement undertook national level advocacy, eventually in over 20 countries, urging their Governments to support passage of a UN Human Rights Council Resolution that would establish an Open-Ended Intergovernmental Working Group with a mandate to develop a treaty to address corporate human rights violations. 

The UN Human Rights Council did pass Resolution 26/9, which established the UN Open-Ended Intergovernmental Working Group, which now has the task of developing a treaty.  It is our job to make sure whatever the new Working Group creates it is a meaningful tool to prevent corporate human rights violations, and provide effective remedy where violations are not prevented.