8-10 June Mobilization & Video Launch

A broad coalition of social movements from Latin America and Europe organized three days of mobilization from 8-10 June in Brussels and Strasbourg to mark the EU-CELAC Summit held on 10-11 June. Brussels-based civil society networks which monitor EU-CELAC relations launched an animated video during the event. The video explains how a trade relationship - mainly based on the extraction of raw materials - is contributing to depletion of non-renewable natural resources, global warming and social conflicts. Civil society organisations have warned repeatedly about the dangers of unbalanced trade relations and have urged the EU to promote more symmetrical relations contributing to effective respect for human rights while promoting sustainable alternatives to the current economic model. Social movements participating in the Days of Mobilization reaffirmed their call for a shift away from corporate capture of the public interest. And they urged all governments to participate in the historic process at the United Nations for a binding instrument on multinational corporations.