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"Corporations have rights. Now we need a global treaty on their responsibilities" Salil Shetty (January 2015)

Blogs/Commentary - Comentarios Commentaires -  Comentários 

"Key Issues in the Debate on a Binding Business and Human Rights Instrument" Shane Darcy (April 2015)

"The debate about having a debate about a business and human rights treaty" Joanna Kyriakakis (February  2015) 

"The Caravan toward Business Respect for Human Rights" Amol Mehra (February 2015)

"Corporate Human Rights Abuses and International Law: Brief Comments" Surya Deva (January 2015)

"Incorporating Rights: Making the Most of the Meantime" Erika George (January 2015)

 Academic Resources -  Recursos Académicos Ressources académiques - Artigos Acadêmicos

"Looking Back, Looking Ahead: What lessons should we learn from past UN efforts to adopt a Code of Conduct for Business?" Karl P. Sauvant (April 2015) 

"New Mechanisms for Accountability for Corporate Violations of Human Rights" David Whyte and Stefanie Khoury (March 2015)

"The Moral and Legal Necessity of a Business and Human Rights Treaty" David Bilchitz (February 2015)

"Life in the Global Public Domain: Response to Commentaries on the UN Guiding Principles and the Proposed Treaty on Business and Human Rights" John Ruggie (January 2015) 

"'It Isn't a State Problem' The Minas Conga Mine Controversy and the Need for Binding International Obligations on Corporate Actors" Cindy Woods (2015)